Physical Security


Surveillance has been around since law enforcement agencies started using closed-circuit TV cameras in the early 1960s. Today, the basic principle might be the same, but what goes on behind the camera is a far cry from a security guard watching a monitor. Today, a camera could be watching you on just about any busy street corner. You can even use your Smartphone, Tablet or computer to view the cameras from anywhere.


Having a good and reliable security system helps reduce the threats to employees and company assets. The number of businesses being broken into has rapidly increased and the security and safety of employees is compromised. Companies can make use of coming-of-age technology to detect and alert and burglary.

A fire can destroy property small and large. Our Certified Security experts will meet with you and your staff to determine your needs, requirements and identify any possible challenges. We back-up all our installed security and fire systems with 24/7 Support and Service.


Grow your Access Control system one door at a time. Because the controller manages a single door, the only wiring from the door is a single Cat 5 cable to the nearest switch and doors can be added anywhere the corporate network goes. We make it easy and cost effective to build a system one door at a time.

Information Security (InfoSec)

Information Security can be a confusing and frustrating ordeal for many organizations. Quanexus has a full time CISSP on staff to assist with Compliance, Policies and Controls, Risk Assessments and Security Awareness Training.


Many organizations are not aware that they may be under some form of regulatory compliance. Compliance deals with meeting regulatory guidance such as HIPPA, GLBA, PCI, FDIC, etc.


IT Policies represent management’s overall view on how the organization is to manage their IT assets, including soft assets, such as data. IT processes define how things are going to be done to assure that policies are being followed. IT controls are the tools that provide feedback to management showing the effectiveness of the policies.


A risk assessment is a formal process to determine where an organization has exposure to risks that would impact the organization’s ability to perform its key functions. The outcome of the risk assessment is a list of priorities for management to focus on.


The best policies and controls can be developed, but their success is dependent on the weakest link, typically the end user. Information Security is everybody’s responsibility. The goal of Security Awareness Training is to make sure each employee understands their role and responsibility for protecting company assets.

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