Nonprofits & Technology Lunch-n-learn

Lunch-n-learn nonprofit

Our first event of 2018 has been scheduled.

What would happen if your computer network went down, or your donor’s or client’s sensitive information was compromised? Are you prepared?

Something like your network being compromised or not meeting compliance requirements, can put the people your organization helps at risk of losing the valuable benefits that you provide. Don't take the chance!



Are you curious how to better secure your organization's network from the bad guys?

Would you like your organization to have a stronger knowledge of information security?

Are you a board member, CFO or director of a Dayton area nonprofit?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions we invite you to attend our upcoming Lunch-n-learn.


You may already know the benefits of outsourcing your IT, but perhaps you have other board members, CFO's or directors who would like to attend, or you have questions you would like to have answered.


If so, register today!

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